SPARKLE, SPICE, and Looking More than Just Nice

Last winter was dark and many nights I took comfort in watching Sex in the City.  I snuggled up in bed with my laptop, mesmerized by how similar Carrie Bradshaw and I were! 😉  Her dating messes were like mine, but her makeup was far superior.  What the eff? It started a thorough product search on how my eye shadow could sparkle every bit as much as Carrie’s. The glittering flecks around her eyes made her dating strife seem fun and not vapid and depressing. Her sparkle was the focus of my attention for up to 8 episodes in one night.  My inner weather was gray and drear, but I was going to make sure my face wasn’t!

This is what I’ve learned:

For the most amplified shine and sparkle, Urban Decay makes some beautiful shades.  The bits of glitter are large, and fall onto the rest of your face.  I don’t see this as a con, since SPARKLE is what I want.  I bought the Alice in Wonderland palette, but the shades are available in singles.  You can buy through or from

If you like a matte powder with bits of sparkle, then NARS is your lover. I bought Night Fairy (a pale lilac with gold bits), Galapagos (an awesome dark brown with a ton of gold gilt), and Eurydice (contains sultry flecks that some are soft sparks on). Also or

For times when you want to be a disco ball and/or an enchanted creature from a faraway land:

NARS makes glitter pencils for the eyes/cheeks/lips. These are awesomes!  They are chunkier pencils, and you can buy them in various shades with gold or silver sparkle.

The trick here is layering.  Any of your shadows can now become a sparkler.  Start with an application of glitter pencil from lid to brow, as if it were eyeshadow primer. Now apply your eye shadow as desired.  The sparkle will shine through. Remember that powder sets cream, and this magical law of makeup will make your look last all day.   Here is the direct link:

I like to apply glitter to my temples and the inner corner of my eyes.  But a pencil can only go so far, and you need something bigger for the rest of the body.

For sparkles ON YOUR PERSON:Here my experience is limited but authentic.

Last month I walked into LUSH ( ) in SoHo. They sell bathbombs packed with glitter.  When I had tried it previously, I was disappointed that the sparkles do not stay on your body. They sink uncharismaticly to the bottom of the tub. So I asked the girly with the LUSH apron and pigtails, “Why?!” and she said, “Do you want sparkle, like, on your person?”  “YES!” “Try these lotion bars.  This one has gold sparkles, and this one has bluish sparkles which are more iridescent.” “Okay. I’ll take them both.” They deliver magnificent sparkle.  On your person.

This winter may still be gray and drear, but my sparkles got my back.  And so does my boyfriend.


4 thoughts on “SPARKLE, SPICE, and Looking More than Just Nice

  1. “Sparkle on your person” made me laugh out loud.
    I’m too cynical for glitter on my face, but I still enjoy reading about it!

  2. I like the sparkle idea too. At my age it gives glow to my face. I mostly use it on my eyes although I have some bronz cream with sparkle.

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