Juicy FRUITS: Notes from Tokyo

The kids in the Tokyo fashion district are colorful and very character driven.  Their fantasy alter egos are at the forefront. They are costumed like comic book creations. They are taking joy in their fashion.  I love it!  Let’s infuse ourselves with it!

You have to let yourself be a little crazy.  Baby-step in: get yourself some colorful hair ties for little girls.  Scoop your hair up into two high, sloppy looped ponytails and insert some fake flowers.  Or better yet, scoop your hair into THREE high ponytails clustered close together, pin the hair around in a mess of colorful pins, add to that some more fake flowers (H&M usually has some) and wear some plastic earrings in a rainbow of color.  Wear bright and shining lip-gloss with it. If you have short hair, wear three or four colorful clips on one side, holding your angled bangs close to your ear. You could also go to Hot Topic at your local mall and buy some colorful clip-in extensions and wear the above-mentioned styles.  They are about $5… a fun investment for your new Tokyo-inspired Spring look.

Gwen Stefani (one of my muses) came out with her L.A.M.B. solo album in the same time frame that I discovered the book FRUITS. Fruits is a compilation photo book of Harajuku street fashion. The Harajuku street fashion scene heavily inspired L.A.M.B., as is and was Gwen’s LAMB fashion designs.

The images I’ve compiled illustrate how one creative endeavor can spawn another:  from the streets of Tokyo, to the shores of Gwen, to the colored hair-ties I just bought for my hair.  Put something colorful into your hair, your makeup, or your wardrobe.

While researching this posting, I found this amazing all-things cute and Japanese site: http://www.tokyomade.com

Check it out!


11 thoughts on “Juicy FRUITS: Notes from Tokyo

  1. I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE EVERYTHING TOKYO so this post made my day!!!! I really want to go there… Also what are your thoughts on this runway trend of wearing gray socks with heals… i cant decide if i like it or not.

    • Janner, did you check out tokyomade.com? It’s so cool it almost made me pass out.
      I haven’t seen the runway trend you speak of, but don’t worry, I have the new Vogue with Tina Faye on the cover, and the new Zink. I’ll cast my vote later!

    • I agree with you. I think the grey MJ chose was bad with the black shoes. The bottom link showed silver or grey shoes with the grey socks… loved that. When you 1st mentioned the trend, I thought at 1st of the trend of wearing the fold-over socks folded down over the top part of the shoe, or the slouchy leg warmer down over the top the heels… which I love.

  2. Also-Yes i did check out Tokyo made..and even though i LOVE the culture and style….. i cannot justify 99 bucks for a salmon colored tshirt.

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