Beauty & Your Beast

La Belle et La Bête.  Beauty & the Beast.  Two opposing parts, creating a balanced whole.  Today, and many days, I grow tired of seeking the holy grail of perfection.  All perfection feels too buttoned up and stale.  What this can lead to are train wrecks like Heidi Montag, revealing not their beauty, but their insecurities and neurosis. Instead of striving for pure beauty, today, I want to encourage you (and myself) to get a little ugly.  Let your inner beast gnarl up your look.  Make people look twice because today you’ve given yourself an edge that accentuates your positives.

Beauty: Do you wear frosty glittery pink gloss nearly every day?

Beast: Wear an almost black red or an almost black purple.  Chanel has them, and I bet MAC does too.  If you don’t feel like spending the dough on a statement like that, then use a black eyeliner and smudge that onto your lips first, and use a red over that. Blend with your finger.  Pat some powder over it for a nice matte look. Gloss over it would look like you’ve just finished devouring.  Yum!

Beauty: Do you blow your hair out perfectly everyday, or flat-iron and shine until you’re your hair and computer screen create a double mirror illusion?

Beast: Tousle dry your hair until it’s all dry.  Add a matte wax, or better yet, Aveda’s Pure Abundance Potion, until your hair is a big nest of beastly beauty.

Beauty: Wear your diamond solitaire studs every day since your man gave them to you last V-day?

Beast: Wear some big earrings from your favorite cheap trend store.  If you don’t have a favorite trend store, then go to Forever 21, Heritage 1981, or H&M and get some.

Better yet, go to and buy yourself some earrings that make it look like you’ve gone completely animal and stretched your lobes.

You can also bring out your inner beast by skipping yoga and turning up the volume of your favorite Beasty Boys, Eminem, Snoop (or What-have-you rebel) track, and cruise around, knowing that you don’t have to be perfect.  There is beauty in the imperfection.  Take a note from the Japanese master potters.  They purposefully wonk their perfectly thrown clay pots in order to accentuate the beauty with that very imperfection.

Get where I’m going with this? Here’s some images of Daphne Guinness (one of my muses) who rocks her Beast very well:

No Sparkling diamond solitaires on her hand.  She’s got some lethal armour.  She’s also added some feathery pieces to also bring out the beast.  And, oh my, she is also illustrating the dark lip I mentioned above.

So add some grit to your every day glam and tell me what you come up with!

Here is a little vignette from youtube that might get your wheels turning.  In my high school AP French class, Mr. Allen exposed us to the original French version of what we remember as a Disney movie.  The special effects were so BC that their effect could now be interpreted as symbolic and post modern.  Instead of CGI animated objects turned to life, pale hands moved things around in order to keep the scenes flowing. To see what I mean, check it out on

Embrace the raw, compelling, imperfect. Go outside the usual. Read a graphic novel instead of a new top seller.

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4 thoughts on “Beauty & Your Beast

  1. Love this site! I am definitely going to try the eyeliner under lipstick thing…I have to break free from my pearl stud earrings and you are inspiring me!!

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