Whip It & Mascara

Last week my boyfriend and I watched the girl-power movie Whip It, Drew Barrymore’s directorial debut.  It was just what I needed: fun, good hair, great makeup, killer outfits, and women kicking butt. It also inspired me for about 3 days to join a roller derby team and create my own unique mythical past which would tie wittily into my new  derby name: Mixed Mania.  Both my bf and his dad thumbs downed the name, and I abandoned by derby dreams (I have enough neck problems from hairdressing) and focused on the aspects of derby that inspired me.

There is a scene where they are getting Bliss (the Juno girl, Ellen Paige) ready for the bout. One derby gal said, “You can never have too much eyeliner.  Or LashBlast!” I paused the movie and let my bf know exactly what just happened: If you walk through the cosmetics aisle at CVS, or watch TV, you will know that Drew Barrymore is the covergirl for CoverGirl.  It was a plug, but well played.   That scene illustrates a good point about makeup: it prepares you.  It inspires you to channel either your inner fierceness, or your inner sex kitten, or just make you feel so damn pretty and prepared for the day that you’re more than ready to take it on! It’s your war paint.  It’s your sparkle.

After the movie I realized I did indeed own an orange tube of LashBlast.  I presently own 12 mascaras, and have tried and owned more in the past.  Here is my experience, listed below.  If one you love or have less-than-loved one that I did not mention, please comment below!

Going from High $ to Low$

Chanel Inimitable: $30. The brush is precise, and it goes on without clumps. The effect gives darker natural looking lashes that  layers nicely for a bolder look. Will smudge on me… my Chanel friend says this shouldn’t happen… so just be aware that it could.

Dior Diorshow Lashout: $24. It’s got a huge thick brush. So thick that none of your lashes can get in there to get mascara.  Magazines rave about it, it’s a Sephora top seller, but it gave me nothing that it said it would, and I was pissed that I spent 1/4 of $100 on it.

Imju Fiberwig: $24. And interesting mascara. The consistency is very light and fibery, and once on, NEVER smudges.  Warm water removes little tubes of almost plastic from your lashes.  You can sleep in it, and do your walk of shame without raccoon eyes.  You have to put a lot on to get dramatic lashes, and it dries out very quickly.  Worth a try.

Benefit BADgal Lash: $19.  A waste of my money.  I have the same issues as I did with Dior show.  It’s got the same big brush issue, and not worth the price point. Smudges very quickly.

Fresh Supernova: $25.  I love the name, and I love the velvety black tube with the spirals on it.  I love the brush, the consistency, the darkness, the way it goes on my  lashes and makes them look long, thick, and Audrey Hepburn.  One of my coworkers who is a dear friend is also a fan.  My gripe is that it smudges on me.  It does not smudge on her.  I don’t know what the deal there is, maybe I put on more than her, maybe my foundation makes it melt.  You should try it and let me know if it smudges on you!

Fresh Firebird: $26.  I bought this because I love Supernova.  It comes in a pretty teal tube with feathers painted on it.  Very art deco.  The brush is large and airy, allowing for a light and feathery lash look.  I’m not in to that look.  My lashes do that without mascara.  It smudges and wasn’t worth the $ (for me).

Lancome Hypnose: $24.50. This was my absolute favorite mascara of all time until they came out with Hypnose DRAMA. Thick, dark, beautiful lashes, does not smudge!

Lancome Hypnose DRAMA: $24.50.  Everything I love about mascara, with a great brush that pushes my lashes awake, gets into the corners, darkens, thickens, lengthens, remains all day long through blowdries and sweat and then goes out with me for an after work drink.

Anastasia Beverly Hills: $22.  Smudges and lackluster look.

Aveda Mascara Plus Rose: $12.   It smudges, doesn’t bring the lashes to a new and higher place, and can sting the eyes (is it the rose?).  It’s all natural, with no petrochemicals, so that is a plus if you are of the mind to avoid anything related to petro (oil by-product)  this would give you karma-merit with yourself. Some people like it.

L’Oreal Double Extend: $8 range.  I’ve fallen for primer/mascara duo’s before.  It’s gimmicky and ends up taking away from the richness of the black in mascara.  I’d rather just put a double coat on.  This doesn’t smudge and is worth the $8 you pay.

L’Oreal Extra Volume Collagen: $8-ish.  It’s the pedestrian version of Hypnose Drama.  It’s a smidge cakey, but resists smudge very well, and is worth it if you don’t want to spend $25 on Lancome.

L’Oreal Bare Naturale: $8-ish.  Does what it says.  A natural look. Doesn’t smudge. Liquidy consistancy for very perforated inky looking lashes.  Not my fave.

L’Oreal Voluminous: $8-ish.  My high school and college go-to mascara. Consistency is good, effect is good.  But it smudges. I moved on.

Cover Girl Lashblast: $7-ish.  Drew is so cute, I bought what she sold.  It has a large and stiff brush, but delivers well.  My lashes looked darker, maybe not as thick as I like, but it doesn’t smudge and with a few coats delivers.  A good product.   Interested in the new yellow version Lashblast Length.

Maybelline Great Lash: dirt cheap.  I have never understood why beauty magazines and makeup artists have long held that this mascara is awesome.  It’s not!  Dry and flakey.

Side notes: Your experiences with the above could be totally different.  No offense!  My top pick of all time is Lancome’s Hypnose Drama.  This was all my own life experience, and is not endorsed by any company.  My favorite character in Whip It was Juliette Lewis’s character, her hair and makeup were perfectly fierce!

Juliette Lewis in Whip It


12 thoughts on “Whip It & Mascara

  1. Question received via FB :Peggy O’Neil Brown: Dear Beauty Blog… I would wear mascara more often, but I feel I have become sensitive to it and it makes my eyes water. Could it be that it is too old? What is the shelf life of mascara? And what do you recommend as a remover?

    Shelf life of mascara is a ballpark of 4-6 months, depending on frequency of use. If it is stinging your eyes, it could be too old, or you’ve developed a sensitivity to it. I would try either Clinique or Almay mascaras in black. Both companies formulate for sensitivities. Or heck, try LashBlast!

  2. Hey girl!!
    Love your blog. I would enjoy a post regarding ways to style short hair… not that we don’t talk about this every time I see you, but I still feel that I rely on the same technique to do my hair daily. Also, hot rollers intrigue me.

  3. Comment via FB: Katie McClure LOVE your blog! But that isn’t a big surprise since I love working next to you 🙂

    I am a huge fan of Aveda’s Mascara Plus Rose, but we all have different experiences with any beauty product. I found your insights extremely interesting and helpful. I am currently looking for my new mascara since Aveda is discontinuing the Plus Rose line for the likes of Mosscara (which I find to be the one that stings and flakes). Ah!! Curse you, Aveda! I want my Mascara Plus Rose back 😦

  4. Katie, mistake, you are correct, it is the Mosscara that stings and underperforms. I thought they discontinued mosscara and not plus rose. I haven’t had luck with either.
    Thanks you for reading and thank you for commenting ladies!
    Keep it coming and spread the link to my blog!

  5. Casey: I will definately work on a post for medium hair length styling ideas and tips. Hot rollers are fun. Be careful not to burn your fingertips! You can always try those cheap pink foam curlers after shampooing at night, sleep in them, then see what happens! Stay tuned!

    Aschenputtel: good question! Brown vs. Black: 90% of the time I recommend Black. It frames the eyes and anchors the face better than brown. If you are extremely fair skinned and fair-browed, brown is an option. As far as the other fun colors: plum, blues, sparkles, etc, i find that as far as performance goes, they lack, but are fun to add as a layer over your black mascara. Plum colored mascara could bring out eyecolor, but to such a small degree that in the end, unless someone is right in your face, doesn’t make a difference.

  6. I have used Maybelline Full and Soft for years – the one in the blue bottle. Mainly because it NEVER clumps and after buying several department store counter brands that did, I got sick of wasting my money.

    That being said, I can’t exactly claim that this brand has given me any major results – it makes my lashes darker, but I bet a bit more drama would make this mom of two feel more inspired. So thank you for your reviews – I may be trying out something new in the near future!

  7. Love this blog, love makeup! I was just searching for a new mascara. Just tried Maybelline The Colossal Volum Express. Not a fan.
    It esp surprised me to find that it is scented. I am super sensitive to smells and couldn’t believe they would even consider using fragrance in a mascara. (smelt like Flonase nose spray)
    I will definetly try one you recommended instead of asking the lady at Walgreens!:)
    Look forward to hearing your thoughts on foundation sometime, that’s always been a tricky one for me!

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